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Training resources for Researchers are assembled for reference and redistribution. Click here or on the resources menu button at the top. See your local IRBNet coordinator for your institution's username & password.

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Satisfied Members

"Our first electronic meeting went so smoothly!  It was over so fast the members didn't know what to do. They just sat there for a few minutes in disbelief."

"IRBNet makes our entire operation more efficient, saving time and money. It is amazing how much more we get done, in less time and with the same staff. It's fantastic."

"My Committee Members love IRBNet and actively use it to complete their reviews prior to the meeting!"

"IRBNet has been a major asset for Nemours, enabling us to performing seamlessly across our multiple institutions and IRBs in Delaware and Florida."

"Our members consistently find IRBNet quick to learn and easy to use. IRBNet has made my life easier around here!"

"The IRBNet backbone integrates compliance and research across NH. The time savings, process transparency and paper reduction have been significant. We couldn't do without it!"

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- Bruce Day
Director, Office of Research Integrity
Marshall University
- Ken Grissett, IRB Manager
Sacred Heart Health System
- Tina Berry
Director, IRB
Winthrop-University Hospital
- Paul Garfinkel
Director, Office of Human Protection
- Gwendolyn Miner
IRB Coordinator
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
- Margaret Almeida, Coordinator